Old Viking Rimatron 7M

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Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by stressbaby »

Hi folks,

Can anyone provide any information on this machine? I know it was a precursor to the current Viking range but i've just purchased this off a certain auction site knowing it was faulty.
It has two 9volt batteries that are connected in parallel rather than series and i thought this as odd? Should it be a 9 or 18 volt supply? It's giving what I can only describe as a 'falsing' tone at 1 second intervals but the coil seems ok? Several people have suggested it's a power supply issue?
I've desoldered the coil (it's hardwired) and the unit still does the same? Any ideas and does anyone have a circuit diagram they could provide?
I've tried contacting Viking in Blackburn to no avail.
Many thanks
D x;

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Re: Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by satellite750uk »

Sent you a PM.

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Re: Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by robbiephoto »

i have the old viking rimatron mx7 in the shed somewhere it only takes 1 battery 9 volts will have to root it out and sell it it does,nt get used anymore

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Re: Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by Wilddean »

Has anyone still got the wiring diagram I seem to have a loose black wire inside any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance

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Re: Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by joneses »

had the viking7m couple of years ago it had two 9v batteries and I must admit it was a damn good detector I found quite a bit with this machine , and found I could use it on the beach with zero discrim and just listen to the signals , had a silver chain and necklace at nine inches in wet sand with it .

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Re: Old Viking Rimatron 7M

Post by Neilycus12 »

I've got my old v5 series 2 I bought in about 92-93, I haven't used earphones with it but it works fine I've found a few valueless coins in the garden and other places, it seems to crackle/buzz a lot when used with the speaker not using earphones, I was thinking maybe the speakers knackered or is it a problem with detector itself?, any ideas/suggestions would be more than welcome. Neil

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