Newbie ish in South Devon

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Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by Zankie »

Hi everybody and thank you for the wealth of knowledge available on this site.

I have just started detecting again after a 40 year break. I used to go with my father when I was young. We used a basic machine that looked like a walking stick with a black box stuck on it! Very basic but we had some interesting finds.

After dad passed I received a tin with a few old coins in that we must of found years ago so I decided to fill the tin in his memory and off I went.

Have bought a 400i and spent an hour this weekend on a permission I have finding scaffolding clips and re-bar while getting used to the machine (farm land where they are building an industrial estate).

I was buzzing after finding my first coin while walking back to the car. Made my wife laugh. Victorian penny but It's a start.

Really looking forward to getting into this. Spend hours online tracing the areas history and old maps.

Once again thank you for having an amazing site and I look forward to adding to it with my adventures.

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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by NoxHunter »

Hi and welcome to the forum ::g
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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by busterbenny2001 »

Welcome mate Devon here too! Good luck

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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by Devonboy »

Welcome from a fellow South Devonner.


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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by FUBAR »

Hi and welcome back to the hobby. Greetings from East Riding.

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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by john Colin »

Welcome back, you will find the detectors have improved a tad.
From a fellow Devonian.

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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by Bootneck45RM »

Hi Zankie,
Again, welcome back to the hobby, some may say obsession, and wishing you good hunting on whatever ground you cast your coil over.
Sure you're finds will increase soon and you'll be displaying them on this great forum.
Regards from East Devon
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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by Timmy 64 »

Hi and a warm welcome from sunny Cornwall (rainy) and good luck with your hunting

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Re: Newbie ish in South Devon

Post by sweepstick47 »

Nice one Zankie ::g Of course we all know that it's preferable to make the more interesting and perhaps ancient finds but when that doesn't happen (which is frequently) it then becomes all about just enjoying the outing, the lovely weather 8-| and of course the all important health benefits ::g

Good Luck for your next session ::g Regards ss47
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