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Post by bryazz »

Hello All,

I was wondering does anyone have a good programme for Roman Coins?

Many thanks.

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Re: Programme

Post by sweepstick47 »

Hello 'Bryazz, Long time no see, welcome back ::g
It's quite a while since I used the Explorer but I seem to remember it was pretty good at locating even the smaller denominations of roman coins, so I never had cause to look for a specific programme to find them. All the best - Regards ss47
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Re: Programme

Post by jcmaloney »

No such thing. Especially if there aren`t any Roman coins in the ground to be found. ::g
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Re: Programme

Post by fred »

Just about any Explorer programme should find denarii and the large Roman coppers. Siliqua behave just like hammies but bear in mind that some of them are clipped very small indeed. The problem with small Roman coppers are twofold: some, like minims, are very small indeed and others like AE4s often give an irony signal. The solution is to use an open screen with just nails blanked out and everything else ramped up as high as you can bear it. I prefered both fast and deep on because it aided pinpointing but some people say you shouldn't. Swing low and slow and dig everything that isn't obviouly iron. Worked for me anyway, in fact a good all round programme. ::g
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