Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Only for the discussion of the Minelab E-TRAC metal detecting within this forum.
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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by mrix »

Best of luck with your new etrac Jamie
I owned one for over 2 years, lovely well made piece of kit ::g

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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by stargazer »

You can change the definition and brightness of the screen. Check in the manual.
The mighty Minelab Etrac !


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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by PaulL »

Take the protective sticky screen cover off and that helps massively
Enjoy the Etrac

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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by jcmaloney »

Use your ears...... forget the screen. ::g

The screen will only give you a "best guess average" where as the tone is much,much more subtle. You`ll soon learn the tones mostly by digging. ::g
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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by clint »

Happy new Etrac! I use smooth,the good signals really shine through. Regarding blanking out a line to the left...I'd leave it,true ,foil will show here but you should dig as it's not always foil..


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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by kopparberg »

i am sure you will enjoy the Etrac most people who have one and used them for a while run it as hot as you can ,most do sens at manual 30 if its just a tad noisy just back it off a little ,i liked running mine around 27/28 .now i have moved on to a CTX and thats another step up great machine but at a cost
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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by bob79 »

Has the Nexus gone then Jamie, if so does that mean you will be "JamieET" from now on. :D

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Re: Shiny, shiny Etrac-a-go-go!

Post by FUBAR »

Glenfiddich wrote:good luck with using your new E-Trac there Jamie ::g Minelab make good machines as I too had a Sov and also had a 705 before that ::g I have thought periodically about getting either the E-Trac or a CTX3030 but every time I save the money up my missus finds something else to do with the money :-O :(( know how you feel matey =))

Keep us posted with how you are getting on with it please ::g

Glen ::g

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