New to E-Trac and Oh the contradictions!

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New to E-Trac and Oh the contradictions!

Post by beaubrummell » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:00 pm

Hi all

I recently posted that as it was my Birthday I wanted to treat myself to a new machine. I ummed and ah'd between a new Nox 800 or a second hand CTX, but then thought maybe an E-Trac would be a lesser learning curve. I have discovered after 3 hunts that the E-Trac is a very different animal to my old Explorer 2.

I got very good with the EX 2 at winkling out deep targets with sensitivity maxed out on my quiet permissions. Trying to run the E-Trac the same way has led to me digging a lot of rusty nails.

I realise that I am new to this machine and results will come but there is so much contradictory information re this machine. I know about the FE wrap around and am happy that I know what I am doing re using discrimination. I ran the EX 2 in all metal and will use as little as possible with the E-Trac.

However, here come the contradictions, Andy Sabisch says Deep On with a lower Gain setting is better than Deep Off with high Gain as Deep On only enhances the deep signals whereas high Gain enhances everything deep or shallow. Others swear that having Deep Off and Gain set between 15-20 only makes the deep signals sound as they should i.e. deep and distinct from the shallower stuff. Others swear by Gain maxed out.

I've been trying to run the E-Trac to perform like my EX 2 and maybe this is where I'm going wrong. I'm aiming for reproducing the Ex 2's depth with better performance in iron infested areas on my permissions.

I have the Sabisch, Tadpole 1 programmes and one I entered myself with very minimal discrimination that deals with the FE wrap around issue, as well as Quick Mask set up in All Metal. I'm keeping it simple with Two Tone Ferrous for now (I've never enjoyed using Conductive) but will probably move up to 4 or Multi when I'm more at one with the machine.

Next time I go out I will be taking a bag of mixed targets and experimenting at various depths to get a better idea how targets respond with different settings, including the Noise Cancel numbers which I believe can also have a profound effect on performance.

I have no doubt that the E-Trac is a powerful beast. I winkled out a broken piece of a Vicci shilling at 9 inches in a spot I've pounded before with 4 different machines. I'll get there, and I'm enjoying the challenge, but this is not the relatively simple upgrade I was expecting. x;
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HH everyone.
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Re: New to E-Trac and Oh the contradictions!

Post by Wigeon » Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:45 pm

I couldn't agree more. I was far less experienced than you when I bought my E-trac, over two years ago. It is not at all easy to learn and I certainly struggled with it.

I tried all sorts of things but the big revelation for me was using the 'smooth' response.

I eventually managed to use multi/conductive with minimal tadpole. However on some fields headphones with volume control are essential.

I love this machine as I do my much more recently acquired GMP.
As I am now digging cut quarters, I don't think there is much wrong with how I am using it.

I cannot get on with it maxed out and no discrimination though. It would do my head in. :-L

I wish you well and very much hope you enjoy the E-trac. ::g
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Re: New to E-Trac and Oh the contradictions!

Post by Blackadder43 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:47 pm

I expect you have already read this article: ... p-in-depth
I always ran with Recovery deep off when i had my Etrac, loved that machine and regretted selling it
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