Garrett AT Pro Pointer battery failure.

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Garrett AT Pro Pointer battery failure.

Post by KTM666 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:18 am

I bought a Garrett AT Pro Pointer (Carrot), it worked great for maybe a dozen times (<1hrs use) and then it just kept sounding off and was virtually unusable. Lowering the sensitivity and placing on the ground when switching on helped for a while. I thought I'd got a duff one. Then when switched on it would just sound off constantly even when not near any metal and would not turn off at all, so had to remove the battery to silence it. Battery tested good but it appears that these pointers need a very healthy good quality battery to function correctly. Also had some strange sounds out of it, all signs of a weak battery. The supplied battery does not seem to last very long, I had to leave a couple of deep targets, down the hole out of coil range, last outing due to this. It seems fine with a new good quality battery fitted and others have reported a year+ battery life. Motto - Best to carry a spare battery on your person rather than just have one in the car when you are at the bottom of a large field. :D Hope this info may help someone.

XP Deus with 11" coil. Garrett Carrot.

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