Garret ace 250 - on arable land & finding targets

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Garret ace 250 - on arable land & finding targets

Post by Panam39 »

So I recently purchased a Garret Ace 250 and have just nabbed myself a permission on land with a rich history (Close to the site of a roman kiln and a roman road). I went out for my first session metal detecting and found very little (the most interesting items were the ring of a key and the stem of a pipe dating to around the turn of the 18th century, as well as a few fragments of what appears to be roman pottery).

I was having a horrible time distinguishing between signals, as well as pinpointing (though I now realise I ignored the pinpointing function on the machine). I wonder if my settings could use some adjusting? I was alternating between all metals and coins, with iron discrimination on and one notch from full sensitivity - any advice on that front?

I also struggled to locate my finds, I would strike a good signal and attempt to dig, but the signal would disappear once I hit 4 or so inches down and wouldn't come up in anything I'd previously dug. The soil is very very wet and hard to manage - I even managed to hit a layer of clay beneath the soil.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Garret ace 250 - on arable land & finding targets

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It generally sounds like the sensitivity was set a bit too high for the wet ground which was making it false, but others who have more experience of this particular model will be better to advise. ::g
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Re: Garret ace 250 - on arable land & finding targets

Post by Baffles »

It's pretty much the same machine as my 300i and I would recommend 2 notches off max for sensitivity as a max. I pretty much ignore the last 2 notches since mine is noisy as anything if you use them.

As for the signals vanishing, it sounds like you were digging false signals (high sens + wet ground) or very small bits of metal. In my limited experience I find lowering the sensitivity helps with this.

Another thing I noticed about the Ace that doesn't happen on my Nox is that if you open up the hole then scan the soil the signal can sometimes just completely vanish if the item is in the dug up earth but now upside down. Turning the earth back over, to grass side up, the signal will return. Normally this seems to happen with tiny things like ring pulls or bits of lead that were originally near the surface but the detector reported they were deep.

I'd leave the machine on zero discrim mode and dig everything that rings solid when scanned one way then 90 degrees the other way.

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