Maplin Standard Discriminating Metal Detector

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Maplin Standard Discriminating Metal Detector

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One day I was in Rhyl and spotted this detector in a second-hand shop. It was unused and in the box and I bought it for ten pounds.

It weighs under a kilo and the coil is just over six inches diameter. It looks a bit like a toy. The cable is thin and the stem is flimsy. The locking collar broke on sight.

The control box is ok, though. It has a meter, which serves no obvious purpose, and knobs for discrimination and volume. Of course, all detectors should have a volume control. It means you can ditch your headphones without disturbing the peace. As far as I'm concerned this is no minor feature.

It's designed for a moderately fast sweep speed and gives a sharp, positive bleep over targets. I'd guess the maximum depth would be about six inches on something like a buried two pence. It's no hoard hunter, but it finds coins and small items like nobody's business.

With discrimination set to accept low-conductivity items there is a definite tendency to signal iron. Perhaps this is the price you pay for sensitivity, because the machine is sensitive.

I know this because it found a tiny silver hammered on the pebbly part of Rhyl beach. The coin was too far-gone to identify but I was astonished (astounded!), and impressed, all the same. It may be unfair, but I have the strong feeling that my Sovereign would have missed that coin.

So there you have it. A machine that no one would be seen dead with but that would, on the right sort of ploughed field, give any detector a run for its money. It's feather-light and when you break it you can just buy another one. It sells for £44.95 but Maplin quite often discounts its metal detectors.

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