XP ADX 150

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XP ADX 150

Post by Tosherooni » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:00 am

I've had this machine since the Summer of 2010 having previously owned a Garrett Ace 250. The upgrade was needed because I wanted to do beach searching while I was working in Blackpool and I wasn't too keen on the pinpointing on the American machine. The well known detector shop in Birmingham was where I sought out my new machine. 'What's the next step', was all I asked of the salesman and I was pointed toward the French detector. After my first foray (which was only my back garden), I felt the need to call the shop and talk to the person who had made the sale. The tone of his voice sounded as if he was expecting a complaint, far from it. 'Thank you so much for recommending this detector', was the statement that he heard from me. At £380 it was a lot more expensive than the Ace. My son asked why had I bought a new machine when I'd hardly used the old one. Nowadays he hardly sees me in free time as I'm out in the field. I'm not here to say this machine is better than this or that one, but to share my experiences.
The wireless capability is so much better than having to wrestle with wired headphones. It sits well with me; I'm 6' 2" and have no trouble with comfort. It's well balanced and isn't tiresome, even after 7 hours detecting. There are only two buttons on the machine: sensitivity and discrimination. For most situations I have the sensitivity to maximum and the discrimination to one notch, which only eliminates iron. Having said that, I do have trouble with large iron objects. They give a good signal, but from what I'm led to believe, this is common to many machines. Recently one of my club members had made three decent finds, while I'd only been finding junk. I jokingly said that I'd have to get the machine that he was using, an XP Deus, to which he replied, after seeing my 150, you're using the same settings. Shortly afterwards, I found my first hammered coin. Not because I'd got an ADX 150 or because I hadn't spent £1,000 plus on a 'Lamborghini' machine, but because I'd walked over it. A larger coil for my 150 was something that I'd also enquired about. For another £160, I could get an extra 2" sweep and another 1" depth (if I walk over it!). My grandson said to me today, what is my favourite car and I replied, one that works! It's a bit like that with detectors to me. Yes I would like a Deus, but what more am I getting for my money? I can afford one but I'm very happy with the machine I've got at the moment and I don't think having a more expensive machine would have detected more finds (if any) than those that I have. The sounds from the 150 vary and only experience will tell you what you need to know. Even then you'll think should I dig? That's true for other machines also. I've heard people with a 'Hammy' in their hands saying that they weren't going to dig because it was a poor signal. The pinpointing is spot on, and to me that is important in the speedy retrieval of finds. I'm very happy with this detector and can't see myself changing it in the near future :)


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