Adventis 2

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Adventis 2

Post by 5axon » Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:05 am

Recently bought from a guy on here the adventis 2, sceptical about the machine at first after years of using the minelab explorer xs (with great success), but, after just one outing the xp brought the goods, asking various people on here about the machine some great advice was given and proved invaluable.
The first outing on a previously "detected out" field yielded me 8 roman bronzes and a worn hammered, second outing same field, 4 more romans and a partial roman silver ring plus 2 georgian half pennies. all from a detected out field.

having the hip mount facility makes a world of difference, the minelab i could do 2 hours detecting then body parts used to start falling off due to the weight of the damn thing, with the xp, all you have to swing is the lightweight coil head and lightweight shaft, allowing for hours and hours of fatigue free detecting.

the settings i use are

i use D2 all the time
ground reject is on the preset red arrow
the earphone selector is set to off
sensitivity is set to about 12 o,clock
and the final dial is set in the red area of D2 to about where the f in foil is printed but further than the i in iron, any further you start losing objects.

hope this may be of use to someone, you guys helped me

try this link ... Report.htm

Xp deus 3.2
Minelab explorer xs
Adventis 2


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