XP Deus - 3 Month Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the XP brand of metal detectors.
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XP Deus - 3 Month Review

Post by Fisher1266X » Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:05 pm

My choice of the XP Deus simply came down to its superb recovery speed, not the weight saving issue, nor anything to do with any other brands performance. This should read as a non-biased review, honestly depicting the Deus’ performance alone and not a machine versus machine report.
It is however, my own personal unprofessional view over three months of use.
I hope you find it interesting.

The version I have (V2) has the clip-on control box in place of the magnet type of connection.
Deus’ wireless headphones at first appeared “flimsy,” but this was due, in comparison, to the huge heavy ‘phones I was using with the Fisher. Also, the compression pressure (which sometimes causes that excruciating pain) is non-existent with Deus’ ‘phones. They are very cool to wear and extremely light, so much so that you forget you’re wearing them!
The sound level is excellent (7 for me) and is very crisp and very clear.
Because they are ‘on-ear’, extraneous sound is heard but this isn’t an issue as even faint sounds can still be heard. This allows you to hear your MD buddies shouting they’ve found another hammered or Roman!
There are no problems concerning build quality, with all components performing flawlessly.
I have however, removed the protective film from the control box as this hinders the button access.
The same may go for the headphone cover film too.
Once the layouts of the menus are mastered, the control of the machine is very easy.

My first ventures (7 visits) where on pieces of pasture I’d already searched.
The first plot was an area that had several pre-decimal coins consisting of pennies, half-pennies, silver shillings, 6d and 3d’s.
The field gave up another 96 coins using the Deus for the first time.
This I’m sure was down a few factors; the discrimination settings on the Fisher ignoring some coins, the recovery speed of the Deus when near to ferrous items and the extra sensitivity to silver.

Programs used were a custom “Pasture” setting, GMP and Deus Fast. I think that the factory pre-set programs will prove as good as a custom setting overall as adjusting one parameter of a setting will off-set another so it’s catch 22.
The nine factory programs have, after all, been created by people who are experts in the use of XP machines and the Deus in particular. There are 8 main parameters on each program that can be adjusted with several options against each category.
If you download the Deus’ instruction manual (page 50), you’ll see how “tweakable” the machine is, that’s if you really, really want to fine tune (?) the machine that is.

Meter readings for the copper coins averaged at 78 whilst the silver’s read at about 60.
Most of the signals were clean apart from a few targets next to ferrous or “on edge”.
The depth for the coins was mostly 8 inches with no shallow targets.
Deep iron will sound like a good target at first. When the plug is removed it will show as iron by registering 98 on the meter.
Signals that are “iffy” usually show as ferrous when doing the 90 degree pass.
As always, if in doubt DIG IT!
The more experienced Deus users out there have just the ‘phones “connected” and dispense with the control box altogether.
I know some have mentioned the weight saving without the box, I think it’s negligible.

The next plot of land was similar to ploughed and rolled with the top 6 inches being very light and fluffy and very dry! So much so, I could just insert the Pro-Pointer straight to where the target was without digging!
Again, I used the three programs as stated above but this time using the GMP and Deus Fast modes in preference to the custom pasture setting as the area was fairly contaminated.
Although the targets appeared to be shallow (6 inches or less) I didn’t dig any non-ferrous items.
There were about 120 buttons which varied in size with most being 6mm in diameter. Not many coins have shown up (yet) but 4 lead tokens have been recovered so far.
The audio was precise and meter readings were constant at around 68 for the buttons.

Back to pasture, only this time it had been ploughed 3 years previously, several signals from ferrous targets reading 97/98 and coke 01/17/56/98/01, roughly bouncing around in that order.
However, there were good signals too resulting in my “first’s” for Lancashire with a Roman and three small hammered. Again the audio was precise with all the coins coming in at around 70.

On a very trashy Roman site, the Deus performed admirably, easily competing with other very experienced GMP users. Again, this earned me my first ever Roman coin and first ever hammered. These were only 4 inches deep but I managed to locate more non-ferrous items on the day.
The hammered (Lizzie penny) was only the second ever to come off that particular field.
Previously, with the Fisher, they had 25 Roman coins I had zilch!

Conclusively, I feel confident with the Deus’ performance and build quality.
It may be slightly deeper than the Fisher but it is far more flexible and has the ability to segregate bands of targets easily and of course, the recovery speed is excellent.

As the months roll on and the season is almost upon us, the Deus will be primed and ready, and hopefully I’ll gain a bit more experience with this machine.
I’ll post another review, if that’s ok with you guy’s.

The only factor not covered here is the new 34cm coil I just acquired…………

……..to be continued


XP Déus V5.2

If you don't hear it..... it's not there!


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