CTX 3030 review from downunder

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Minlabe brand of metal detectors.
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CTX 3030 review from downunder

Post by Rangirocks » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:55 am

Gidday all
Thought a friends review of his new CT^X 3030 would be of interest given all the discussion on here


Payed for its self on the first day
I FINALLY got my new CTX3030 after waiting nearly a month from its supposed release .
After reading the manual overnight and charging the battery's I took her for her maiden swing at a city beach
1x 1916 silver shilling
1x 1963 silver 6pence
1x 18ct white gold ring with about half a carret of diamonds
1x 18ct gold ring with about 1.5 carret of diamonds
1x 18ct gold ring with about a quater carret of diamonds
1x 18ct chunky gold ring (very ugly but heavy)
2x silver rings
and the rest are current coins
the detector cost me $2690

I also took my Etrak and did some comparison tests over targets before I recoverd them and the 3030 won hands down.

The discrimination is way better than the Etrak and the target trace helps allot in target separation and ID once you get used to it.
It is way more sensitive than the etrak and gets better depth and discrimination at depth.
I did not find it hard to learn as its menu setup is very similar to the Etrak.
I did not try the gps as I don't care if it didn't have it and will probably never use it."


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