Etrac Review

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Etrac Review

Post by Tomo » Tue May 31, 2011 11:02 pm

This review is based on owning the etrac from new for around 4 months now. I,m quite lucky that i can out around 4 to 5 times a week so the etrac has been put through its paces quite a bit in the 4 months ive owned it.

build qualitythe machine itself is quite robust and seems to be standing the test of time.
its been bashed quite a few times on rocks accidently, swam in the sea, ploughed through mud and sanblasted on the beach and is still going strong.
stem and release catches.
very light and very easy to release and tighten. still going strong and tightens fine after around 100 sessions.
contol box and battery compartment
controls are very easy to use with a simple easy to understand menu system.
battery compartment allows a very quick battery change with a snap in rechargable battery. it has a rubber snap on cover to cover the battery pack and makes it water proof.
headphones koss
these are the headphones that came with it and are very comfortable and light. only bug bear was that they stopped working after about 100 sessions but after soldering a new plug on them all was fine. could have sent them back but as a plug was only £1.50 and it took 2 minutes to solder it on it saved alot of sending back and forth.
the weight isnt too bad when you first set out but after 2 hours in the field it starts to ache the arm a little so to combat this ive just ordered a harness to take some of the strain.
ok so overall the build quality has been really good so far and i have no complaints with it so far.

problems with damp
none what so ever. this machine has been in the water, sea water, in ther rain, in fog and after every session it lives in the car boot for a few days with no problems at all when starting the next session.
my settings
at the moment i use open screen with very little descrim and 2 tone ferrous which basically splits the screen in two. the top half gives all high tones and the bottom half gives low tones. the low tones tend to be scrap and junk signals and the top high tones tend to be all good targets. this way i have no need to look at the screen and only dig the high tones. it takes some getting used to listening to all the low tones which are iron but it does give you an idea were the occupation is and because most the filters are turned off it can hear targets right next to iron no problems. as an example my last session was on the beach with lots of iron and it picked up a tiny squashed lead pellet (slug) from an air rifle. like all high end machines it can see very deep targets and gives good clear signals.

etrac on the beach
have used this quite alot on the beach and it has took some abuse. on the dry it has worked flawless
giving good signals on many targets small and large and gets a good depth. on the wet its a dream to
play with and seems to like the wet as much as the dry. ive used it in rock pools and its picked up
many targets underwater small and large. so far on the wet its picked up 6 finger rings, 4 gold, one
silver and one copper. many silver and copper coins and bits of jewelry plus tons of other finds,
bullets, lead toys, pendants etc etc.

swing speed
i think this is important with the etrac, so as the the saying goes, slow and low. with the etrac
bombarding the ground with so many frequencies and annalysing them all a slow swing is important,
but if there when you walk over it, it will find it.

rechargable battery pack
these take 18 hours to charge but last a while. the battery indicator on the screen shows a little
battery icon showing 4 bars inside the the battery runs down each of the bars dissapear one
by one. on mine 1 bar will last me one session ie 4 to 6 hours so they hold a good charge.

bad points
to tell the truth ive racked my brain trying to think of some. only thing i can think of is the weight but nothing a good harness wont sort out i hope.

all in all im very happy with this machine and wont be changing it anytime time soon.

Xp deus


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