First impressions of SEF 15"x12" coil.

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First impressions of SEF 15"x12" coil.

Post by timesearch » Tue May 31, 2011 9:33 pm

I've been out or a play and these are my first impressions.

1/ It's big, but well balanced, so no more difficult to swing than the Tornado.

2/ The size makes it easier to keep level and easier to overlap as you move forward.

3/ Despite it's size, it is very sensitive, picking up the tiniest bits of foil at a variety of depths, so it shouldn't miss much.

4/ Pinpointing is a lot easier than you would think, the target is normally immediately beneath the point where the shaft mounts to the coil

5/ I couldn't really test for depth as the ground was rock hard subsoil under about 4" of topsoil, so I'll update this when I hit the Dorset beaches at the weekend.

Cheers, John


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