Musketeer XS Review

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Musketeer XS Review

Post by aa-clean » Mon May 16, 2011 9:15 pm

Only had my Musky a couple of months - it has the smaller 800 coil (7.25") whch can be a bit daunting when faced with a big feild however dont let it fool you!!! I found my 1st hammered on my muskies first outing and since buying this old school detector have fallen firmly in love with it. Its separation on trashy sites is second to none and its depth capabilites arent far behind my Quattro (with its big coil!!) I think my musky has been supertuned as it really does perform shockingly well. Batteries must last ages as not changed mine as yet from the previous owner and I have been out half a doz times with it since he put a new set in!! This simple old fashioned single frequency single tone machine has rekindled my detecting bug to new levels...

It is also reasonbaly well constructed and is very easy to use. Switch on to full sensitivity fixed ground balance with discrimination set to around 3 and it ignores most small iron tho is prone to coke style hotrocks - but this I can live with when its hoovering up the goodies. This machine is that good that I have future proofed it by buying up the last new stem and 2 coil covers for it!!!

enough said I reckon :D


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