Quattro MP

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Minlabe brand of metal detectors.
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Quattro MP

Post by aa-clean » Mon May 16, 2011 9:05 pm


Was gifted my Quattro about 2 yrs ago for £200!! from a freind of a freind who couldnt get his head around it... :D

It is a reasonably heavy detector but with that weight comes great balance and superb build quality. I can swing it all day with minimal discomfort.

It needs a slowish swing speed on the busier sites to prevent masking from nearby signals. I have the standard coil which performs very well tho prefer the larger 12.5 detech it seems much more sensitive and frequently finds tiny buttons etc at amazing depths. Pinpointing is simple and quite accurate once you utilise the front edge of the coil technique and approach the signal from two or 3 angles. I use it with modern rechargeables and the batteries get me out for 3 or 4 good sessions. If it was my only machine I would buy a small coil and a big coil for different applications. It has now become my deepseeking quiet pasture machine / beach machine as its multi frequency capabilities make it equally good on both.

It can be used as a turn on and go or very easily programmed to suit your own prefernces.

Andy Sabichs book is a good guide to help get the most from the Quattro.

Preferred mode of searching is now all metal with just minus 10 rejected sensitivity as high as is possible (not tried 20 yet) volume full threshold just a bearable hum (approx 12 with my lugs) trash on high and then dig any half decent repeatable signal above -5. Swung slow and narrow enough you can def winkle out good finds from between the iron signals.

All in all a very underestimated machine which seems to be having a revival looking at current ebay prices... ;)

Hope someone finds my first ever review useful!!

All the best


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