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Detech 12x10 sef for Minelab Explorer / Etrac

Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 6:33 pm
by gaz1969
Just a mini review on this new coil.

After hearing how good this coil is meant to be i thought i would find out for myself.I chose this as a replacement for my minelab slimline coil that comes with the SE version,i had it on my explorer 2.
Today was my real first test at my local farm,and here is what i found..

Usually this farm can be quite a noisy place for my explorer.When using the slimline coil unless i put the sensitivity on auto i found my detector would be going off randomly.I tried manual but it made random noises and beeps above about 12 or so.

Arrived today with new coil and i could happily use it on manual 26-28 and i didnt get the arratic noise my slimline produced.

This was a big bonus to me as now "I" could choose the sensitivity and that would control the depth i could go to,and not the detector.
Signals were very positive and had a more solid sound to them,my first find was small buckle,about 20x10mm that was around 12 inches deep,honestly,it gave a deep sound and slightly iffy signal,but this was found in an area i had been over before with other coil last week.
Now maybe i missed it last week i cant say for sure but i felt very positive using it.

Next a small lead token about 8mm diameter,around 7 inches or so,another deep but solid signal this time.
Im happy,it sort of gives you confidence in your detecting,maybe psycological i dont know,but i felt like i was going to find everything today when using it.

Pinpointing was quite easy,i did try it last night to see where it first reacts with a coin.In pinpoint mode it starts beeping when coin gets about 1 inch in from the front of the coil,same at rear,just allow for this and you realise when you first here the beep coming you have to continue about another 4 inches or so to get directly over the object.
Side to side,very easy,very narrow area.

This is my short review,hope it helps someone in deciding,id say if you can get a good second user deal on this coil you would be more than happy,even if just for the quieter detecting if nothing else.

Air test reveal it has roughly around 2 inches more depth than the slimline coil.(not scientific i know but it obviously is more sensitive. :)

Will give any updates as i use it more.

Thanks Gaz ;)