C-Scope 4ZX Review.

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the CScope brand of metal detectors.
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C-Scope 4ZX Review.

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I have been using a C- Scope 4ZX metal detector for the last few months and have found the detector to offer very pleasing depth penetration , Coins found down to 8 -10 inches easy,both the motion and non motion modes are very sensitive , pinpointing very good , and the balance and feel of the machine is also very good.
I have found the 4ZX can be used in either motion or non motion to good effect , i have heard some only use motion mode on this detector but the fact is the non motion mode is really sensitive and easy to use , you can switch this machine on and hunt virtually straight away , it is a very simple machine to use , i have some say it is complicated to use but why they say that i can't understand , it's very easy to get to grips with the machine. I found the only negative point is i can't get any where near power lines with this detector , it is very prone to EMI. I have found several hundred coins in just 4 hunts with this machine , the site was undetected so there was plenty of coins a rings to find , I got 4 rings with the 4zx but not silver or gold rings just copper.
I have found it loves brass three penny bits and silver sixpences. The meter is accurate and gives a reasonably good idea of junk or good targets and with practice i was pulling coins from next to nails and foil by watching how the meter twitches , it's pretty fast and will give a sharp response on coins. I dig little iron with this machine , some deep iron can fool it sometimes but i found mostly i don't hardly dig any iron. The build quality of the 4ZX is excellent . I would say this is probably one of the most under rated C-Scope detectors ever made. On highly iron contaminated ancient sites i am not sure if the 4zx would shine but for general coin shooting it's a great machine, i rate this detector 9 0ut of 10 as a coin shooter. Those wanting to hunt on ancient iron contaminated sites would probably still find hammered and roman with this machine but i would say the top xp's might be a bit better option. Would i ever sell my 4ZX ? Well i can say in all honesty it's a keeper.


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