C Scope CS4PI Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the CScope brand of metal detectors.
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C Scope CS4PI Review

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I have a C Scope CS4Pi that i use for wet sand beach detecting when i get a chance.
It definitely is a good machine but with it being a pulse induction its easy to get frustrated with the amount of iron it finds but hey thats the sacrifice you have to pay for the incredible depth!
I have dug 5p coins at 11 to 13 inches before and i've even had to leave targets before too as sand has collapsed back down the hole i was trying to dig lol.

I havent made any mind blowing finds with it yet but i am currently trying to source a really good long handled sand scoop from USA to give me a better chance when digging for targets.

With wet sand hunting the targets are fewer but can be more rewarding as that is were the rings are so its well worth the effort.
I find that the detector gives a really good beep beep when its found non ferrous objects unless its small iron in which case its the same but in larger pieces of iron there is definitely a fuzzy edge to the tone which gives you a good indication of when not to dig.
Obviously checking how long the tone is too to give you an idea of size of the object always helps aswell.
When i first got the machine i thought that there was something badly wrong with it as iwhen i was trying to to do air tests in the house it was sounding off for no apparent reason.
I then had a talk with C Scope on the phone who told me that it is a very sensitive detector and the reason it was going bananas was because of the wiring, cables, and tv were setting them off in the house.
I then went outside and sure enough everything stopped and the machine behaved itself.

Even when i use it on the beach i know when i have a phonecall coming through as the 4pi goes mental just before the phone rings!
I thought that this was a very convenient feature to have on the 4pi!

As far as controls go i set the threshold as high as possible without falsing and the same setting for the pps frequency dial.
The coil is waterproof but not the machine and it can be hip mounted or used in the conventional manner.
Headphones are a must so that you can look out for subtle tone differences, and a big scoop is vital so that the you dont end a days searchin with a sore back!
I hope to get out around the beaches here in Ireland again in the next few weeks and i'll let you guys know how i get on.

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