Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the CScope brand of metal detectors.
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Post by Pastseeker » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:11 pm

The CS3MX performs well on land getting good two way signals at 8"+ on targets. However you will get false signals on large chunks of iron and foil you will get a ping noise as well with the large iron.
I also got the chance to do some beach detecting and it performs ok on dry sand but i did loose some depth, dont bother on wet sand it chatters like mad! the rather small coil means that you do need to sweep alot more as well.

Build quality is good.The Pinpoint function is spot on just make sure you swipe it in every directions so to avoid the large chunks of iron. The CS3MX is very easy to use with two twisty knobs one for sensitivity twist this untill you just hear the buzzing and the other knob for discrimination i set this at about 2 to 3.
There is no volume control so advisable to get a pair of headphones with volume control.

I've had the CS3MX for about a couple of months now and i have taken it out pretty much every weekend. Every time i have come home with finds and had one or two nice finds as well! (silver Hammered) found on my first time out with the CS3MX!!

If you looking for a easy to use budget detector which will get you finds look no further!! [:)

Put the coil to the soil
Dig a hole like a mole
And hope it's old or made of gold ::g


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