Ace 300i review for 2018

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Garrett brand of metal detectors.
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Ace 300i review for 2018

Post by Bootneck45RM » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:14 pm

Been M.D.ING for just a few months with my bright shiny YELLOW machine (almost used to the colour - at least it keeps sea birds away when on the beach).
Admit to being a newbie but also hope to be a quick learner especially with the tons of advice and opinion available here.
Have found that no matter what machine you have be it either end of the spectrum you won't use it well unless you understand it and listen to it as well as watching digital readouts.
The manufacturers can give you a few basic settings which seem to work well on well laid out targets BUT they don't work all the time and that's were I've found that you must play with those settings until you recognise what they're telling you - bit like learning a new language. You can hear the words but don't always understand their meaning.
This is what I have found with the 300i - it finds lots and it's taken 3 months just to begin to identify what it's telling me - and it's good if you let it! The combination of standard coil and electronic wizardry really does locate and until I've fully understood all its nuances I wouldn't consider changing the coil to another. The one supplied is a good match to its abilities.
Personally I have found that I tend to ignore all but zero discrimination and wind the sensitivity down 2 or 3 notches. This so far means I hear lots but thanks to the 300i's range of tones am far more able to discern what may be good and what may not. Not always fallible but slowly improving - and if in doubt as a famous man once said - dig it out!
Really enjoying the journey so far and only regret not starting earlier. Lots of catching up to do now.
So far can only recommend the 300i and am sure it will perform even better once I have improved and got some proper "diggin" under my belt.
From what I have found it would have been a mistake (for myself that is) to purchase an all singing and dancing machine before trying to grasp the basics of a more fundamental one (and I mean the 300i no disrespect with that comment).
Hope all other newbies out there have as much fun and enjoyment as I've had so far with the promise of even more to come!
Good hunting oh and don't forget to get the NCMD membership for it's insurance if for nothing else as well as getting on the waiting list for a local club.
Cheers for now and best regards.
Len R.

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