ACE 350 Review

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ACE 350 Review

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This is my first metal detector and I won't try to pretend to give a full professional account of the 350 at this stage because I'm in the early stages of fully testing it out.

My feeling so far, though, is that this is not a revolutionary upgrade of the 250, but more a bit of a moderate tweak. The coil is welcome and iron discrimination is fine but it's not hugely significant: you Just have a few more notches to eliminate iron at various levels of sensitivity. I've gotten the feeling the upgrade was conservative and done in purpose. And I think I know why.

They've leap-frogged the ACE and put all their real 'revolutionary' upgrades into the Garrett AT Pro but at US$300 more the ACE350!

For someone like me who was thinking of whether to buy the 250 or 350, I think it was a good choice to get this 250 upgrade,and it IS simply an upgrade but a conservative one at that.

Seriously think about whether you want to spend more money if your ALREADY have an ACE 250. Personally, I wouldn't do it because the upgrade is not significant enough to warrant it.

If I was really itching for a real upgrade, looks like the AT Pro would do the job, but, at about US$600 this personally prices me out.

Anyway, I'll keep on testing the 350, happy in the knowledge that I have an upgraded ACE 250 that has good street cred
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