naked FX1 probe

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naked FX1 probe

Post by chesters4 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:19 am

My trusty FX1 probe decided to start having 'issues' with imaginary signals and finally constant overload signals which as you can imagine got very annoying.
At first i thought it was the switch but for the life of me i couldn't source a new one exactly like the old one ! Contacting the nice chap at Sunray he suggested it was not the switch but in a hope it was and the cheap solution i bodged a modern switch into the box by cutting the original legs at the switch and soldering in another one which also gives the option of a longer silicone boot than the American version.
My excitement of a quick fix was dashed as usual so off the probe went to my mate whos brains vastly exceed my brawn and he opened up the beast.
Its not an easy coil to get to its glued and expanded foam into the tube but here it is .
Its also not an easy coil to rewind as its not like a garrett etc as it can use the discrimination circuitry in the detector so touch wood he finds no issue with the windings after easter when he goes back to work and can use more speciallised equiptment than at his home.
Touch wood it will come back to life as they are not made any more but a great way of using a pinpointer IMHO
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