Advice needed on Goldenmask 5 Ground balancing

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Mud Max
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Advice needed on Goldenmask 5 Ground balancing

Post by Mud Max » Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:39 pm

Iv'e been given the new GM5+SE to try out with 9" coil plus a monster 15"

Yesterday I struggled to GB the 15" coil on pasture that has had no rain for weeks. In auto, I pumped the coil for ages and the numbers cycled right through to the maximum, think it was about 190, finally it said "GB complete" and it did perform well, but I can't believe it should take that long.

Manual GB it seemed to make the same low buzz whatever I tweaked it to.

Is this due to the larger coil being difficult to balance, the dry ground, or both? And what are the average GB numbers on UK soil for the GM5 machines please?

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Re: Advice needed on Goldenmask 5 Ground balancing

Post by RossDG » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:09 am

Hello Mudmax,

I have the 5+, with standard 10x9 coil. I have heard that the larger coils are difficult at times to GB especially in contaminated ground. One of my pasture permissions varies on auto GB from 50 at the bottom of the field which has a mixture of roman tile and recent water works trash, and can be a pain to GB - I have to try different areas to get it to complete.

The rest of the field is no problem, but GB comes in at 55 - 57. In this area I can turn the threshold and gain up without false signals or chattering, the discrim works better in this area as well.

One final tip - make sure the coil is well above the ground when you turn the GM on, this is advised by the manufacturer and does seem to help when ground balancing.

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Re: Advice needed on Goldenmask 5 Ground balancing

Post by Koala » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:56 am

Turn the sensitivity right down before you ground balance normally works on a T2 and large coil.

Could be the same on Other brands worth a shot

Also refer to the bottom of this thread.

Again its for the T2 but makes sense it should work for other brands

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