GPS Device - Detector Mounting Tips ✔

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GPS Device - Detector Mounting Tips ✔

Post by Dave8472 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:10 am

):= Hi all, an important part of my detecting is recording finds etc. I also like to log where I have walked, especially for gridding areas on my own sites. I also overlay old maps, footpaths and tree lines from the past. I had mounted my Garmin on the Deus some time ago and have now completed mounts for my other detectors. The CTX one isn’t needed all the time as it has built is GPS, only for when I need maps. I have made the CTX one so the bulk of the mount can be easily removed, also the Deus one so it will fit back in the case. The Equinox one is fixed with cable ties. All the mounts are very light without the Garmin so they don’t really affect the weight when not being used. The Deus one also slides up and down the shaft on an elastic fitting for easier detector storage.

The ‘T’ pieces all need cutting to fit, The CTX will just about fit over the shaft with the lower section removed but it is very tight, I only cut out a small section of the back of that one. The Deus and NOX ones are cut away at the half way point.

I thought I would share my project here in case anyone was looking to do the same or something similar. The pipe fittings are readily available in white just about everywhere, but not many places do them in black.

Can I just add for ‘The complainers/negative people' This is something I have just done for myself, I’m not telling anyone else what to do etc :-/ . I have to add this now as it seems many just like to add negative comments these days on the internet… :( If this is no use to you then just scroll on. ::g

If anyone needs any further details then please ask, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

PS The coil covers are just for transportation before anyone comments :))

Parts list : All models


22mm Round Plastic Blanking End Cap - Round Tube Plugs


91189 : Solvent Weld PVC Overflow Pipe 3m 21.5mm Black


67216 : Solvent Weld Overflow Tee 21.5mm Black
48089 : Solvent Weld Overflow Bend 21.5mm 135° Black


91119 : Solvent Weld Tee 32mm Black
56825 : Solvent Weld Overflow Reducer 21.5mm x 32mm Black
48089 : Solvent Weld Overflow Bend 21.5mm 135° Black


67216 : Solvent Weld Overflow Tee 21.5mm Black

Dave ):=

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Re: GPS Device - Detector Mounting Tips ✔

Post by Steve_T » Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:54 pm

This has spurred me on to getting my Garmin mounted, it's important to me that my tracks and find spots are recorded, done it since day one.

Its an accurate plot as it can be (GPS can be out a little) and when i self record on the PAS the find spot is added with a fair accuracy.

Thanks for the post ::g ::g

Regards Steve
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Re: GPS Device - Detector Mounting Tips ✔

Post by sweepstick47 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:54 pm

That's a brilliantly conceived and executed design Dave ::g Perhaps, worth considering making an entry into a niche cottage industry :D B-)
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Re: GPS Device - Detector Mounting Tips ✔

Post by Bootneck45RM » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:30 pm

Just proves the adage, "necessity is the mother of invention".
Brilliantly executed and explained (now on my way to B&Q - other stores are available)😁.
Wouldn't be surprised to see something similar on the shelves before long (get it patented quick eh!)
Thanks for the post👍
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