Guides to photographing your finds and adding them to your posts

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Guides to photographing your finds and adding them to your posts

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Please note that from August 2019 you no longer need to worry about resizing your photos or reducing the file size for the majority of photos :D The forum will do it for you.

So just crop them (so you just get the image you want) and that’s it.

Please note though that the 4 photo per day rule still applies. If you want to add more photos than that then please use a hosting site

Below are a range of guides to photograph your finds and attach them to the forum
Taking great photographs

(Video guide) Smartphone photo taking guide

Ultimate photographing finds guide

Advanced photo tips - DSLR guide

Some options to add scale to your photos

Resizing and adding your photographs to the forum

Guide to attaching photos to your posts (directly to the forum)

Guide to adding photos to the forum using a hosting site (Imgur)

Guide to resizing your photographs to meet the forum maximum dimensions - PC and smart devices NO LONGER NEEDED (see red writing above)

(Video guides) Ipad/ Iphone editing, resizing and attaching photos to the forum

Carpe vinum

XP Deus !!£$ I use the HOT programme on 17khz, reactivity at 2.5 on v5.21 with the X35 11” coil


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