ace 150 or 250?

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Re: ace 150 or 250?

Post by Blackadder43 »

I would say if your budget can stretch to the 250 then its a worthwhile investment as the 250 has the pin point mode, where as the 150 i dont think has...

As for your cscope, we have an engineer on here from cscope who may be able to help
if you do a search for "Andy Fraggle" ( i think thats his name) then he may be able to help you.

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Re: ace 150 or 250?

Post by Keef the Frog »

Pinpoint on my 250 is bang on 19/20. That's a bent nail/bottle top virtually every time =))

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Re: ace 150 or 250?

Post by Saffron »

I know nothing about the cscope but could be worth getting it looked at - if they say it will cost more to repair than its worth (frequently the case with electronic goods) then see if you can get a few quid selling it for spares, if repairable then why not.

I used the Garrett 250, (and still sometimes do) and IMHO its fantastic value for money, and will find the target if you walk over them and like all the Garretts is well made and reliable. The pinpoint option over the 150 makes it so much easier to locate a target and in my view justifys the extra cost.

I think that the 250 also has additional search modes compared with the 150, or more sensitivity adjustments (certainly one of the options that made the 250 more flexible). I have just gone to check this on the Garrett home page and see that they nolonger list the 150 so it could be that they are nolonger producing it, which would be another reason for going for the 250.

But my understanding, which I am fairly confident about, is that the "guts" of the 2 machines are the same so there should be no difference in depth.

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Re: ace 150 or 250?

Post by Macroman »

Hi Neil B,I've got to say that if you've got the chance to go for an Ace 250 hen go for it with confidence.
The Ace 250 is a very,very capable introduction metal detector.
I was a 250 that I first cut my teeth on.
Very easy to learn on..and in the initial stages "switch on and go"
It will certainly educate you into listening to the basic tones..once you have gotten the hang of them you can start to introduce your own settings.
It will find great things as I have been lucky enough to detect.
Hammered coins,Roman coins,dagger chapes, buckles, military badges etc.
So in essence it's a great machine and in my opinion a very underestimated detector.
Anyway,good luck on whatever detector you chose and I look forward to seeing you finds on the forum
Good hunting.. ::g

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