Settings on 300i

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Settings on 300i

Post by Simonrocco12 »

Hi there iv got a garrett ace 300i and I run mine on custom mode with three bars off the ferrous metal section I find this works well for me and the ground I hunt, im just curious what everyone else runs the machine on and what you find is best for you and the ground you hunt.

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Re: Settings on 300i

Post by Shanebasing »

I have a euroace and run mine on all metal mode find this better,
it seems to be quicker between the iron signals and the good signals,
I have found a good signal with all metal mode then I step to the side just to see if I get the iron buzz if I do I don't dig it.
my brother has the 300i and he swears by the jewellery mode he has had some good finds.
it all comes down to works for you.

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Re: Settings on 300i

Post by Dave The Slave »

Use the 400i, which is very similar. Custom mode, iron audio off, 4 bars off ferrous metal section. Happy I am not missing anything. This setting has found a Silver Denarius, Copper & Bronze, Lead.
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