Garret or Garret

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Garret or Garret

Post by Rhumours »

I want to stick with Garrett but here is the quandary

I have £100.00 of amazonian credit .... and Regton sell in the Amazonian.

So I want a tector for the beach. Which is a difficult scenario for ground balancing.

I could take my At pro but I would rather not. It works I love it I want it to stay that way.

So my choices are

1. Get a recommended by peer review Garret Ace 400i for the beach brand new. No waterproof control box though the coil is. Apparently great on sandy areas and would be a good back up and I can use the credit. Not sure about the ground ballance system.

2. Get another at pro second hand for a similar price. Would have to save as can't use the credit on flea bay. But I know how it works. It is waterproof and is apprently OK on sand. Manual/auto ground ballance.

The issue is am I spending more with the 400i and getting less?

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