Kimbo Charity detecting weekend 27-29 September Colchester, Essex

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Kimbo Charity detecting weekend 27-29 September Colchester, Essex

Post by Oxgirl36 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:59 pm

Please contact the organisers for further information. Their contact details can be found below. Posting a question here for the organisers will not get you a response.

Social Metal Detecting Fun Weekender in aid of The Essex Community Foundation

Date/Times - Friday 27th Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2019

N.B. No arrivals before 10 am on Friday please. There will be an area of land for those who arrive on Friday to detect on during the afternoon.

Location; Hill Farm, Langham, near Colchester, Essex CO4 5NX
OS Map 196 Explorer 1:2500 scale.
MD direction signs will only be posted locally for this event.

Rally Briefing
There will be a full rally briefing at 9am Saturday in front of the organisers finds recording marquee.

A donation of £50.00 per detectorists for the whole weekend.
There are no day tickets available.
NB As this event is in aid of charity there will be no refunds if you are unable to attend. No reserve bookings or pay on the day accepted.
All profits will go to the Essex Community Foundation. For more information about this organisation please go to the following web address:

Payment – Via Bank Transfer.
For bank details email me for your booking request, you will then be emailed with the bank details for transfer of payment.

Organiser Kim Clarke ​e-mail [email protected] or mobile 0750 469 7077

Once I receive your payment, you will receive an email giving you confirmation of your booking. Please note, that you must print off your booking confirmation and bring it along to the rally with you as this will be your proof of payment. On booking in at the rally you will then be given your weekend pass ticket which must be attached either to your detector or somewhere visible on yourself throughout the whole week end. You will also be given a map.
Please remember you will need your valid NCMD- FID membership card when you book in.

If you are not registered with me, to attend this event I require the following information to be forwarded to me via email:

Your full name:

Your full postal address:

Vehicle Make & registration:

NCMD Membership number:

FID Membership number:

Email Address:

Those who don't have an email address you can post to me the above information, plus a contact telephone number: and a return stamped address envelope. Please ensure you have the correct postage stamp for the size of envelope you send.

This information I will only need the once, as I will then keep you on file, so you will not need to do this every time I have an event, unless any of your details change.
Under no circumstances will anybody be allowed to attend if I haven't received the above prior to the event.

Please remember, to gain entry on the day you must have with you your confirmation slip of payment, and your valid NCMD/ FID membership card with you. NO MEMBERSHIP CARD, NO ENTRY.

Camping and caravanning will be on pasture. Those of you who wish to stay overnight on the Sunday may do so, but must be clear of the site no later than 9.30am on the Monday.
Porto-loo’s, and fresh water on camping site.

Refreshments and Food will be on sale throughout the weekend.
Land Available and Ground Conditions
Yet again by popular demand by detectorists whom have supported this event, now coming up for eleven years just keep demand coming for me to do another return trip.
After last year’s results I can fully understand why.

Due to the type of crops on this farm, we will have a minimum of 200 acres.
All the fields available will have been detected before, some fields four, others five to six times.
The fields this year will be a mix of barley stubble, ex-onions and potatoes. The ex-onions and potatoes will be cultivated, weather and time permitting. The soil conditions is light and sandy, regardless of the amount of rain, the land always drains well and doesn't stick to your boots, so digging and walking over is always excellent.
Those detectorists who have been here before can testify the consistency of the fantastic finds these fields have yielded, and many at that! And many, many, finds certainly displayed how very wealthy this area was and still is on a huge variety of finds from early Bronze Age through to modern day. I am not going to list what has been found as most is now common knowledge amongst the detecting circle.
As I always say please just remember the finds that have be found previously on this farm are no longer there to be found, all I can say, this is a very good area and always full of the unexpected surprises, but it’s down to you to make your own decision to attend or not, and there are no guarantees that you will have finds. Remember, metal detecting is like a lottery, there are always winners and looser s, But it will be a good social detecting weekend if nothing else.

Brief History
For an interesting guide to the history of Boxted see:

Raffle Draw
There will be a raffle held over the weekend with many detecting prizes and general prizes. Any donations for the raffle will be greatly appreciated. Hand in to the stall on the day. Purchase of tickets for this draw will be on sale throughout the weekend until mid-day Sunday.

Grand Raffle Draw
As always we will be putting up a mid to top range detector,
Your chance to win one for only £5.00. WOW!
How to enter for a chance to win a fantastic detector.
Draw tickets will be on sale throughout the week end available at the rally marquee.
The draw will take place midday Sunday 29th September 2019 at the rally marquee.

Terms and Conditions
The landowner grants a licence to enter the fields specified during the following period of time, from midday Friday 27th to 4.30 pm Sunday 29th September 2019 and for the sole purpose of metal detecting for items whether ancient or modern.
The land owner also reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions or make any cancellations without any prior notice.
In the unlikely event, that the event is cancelled out of the organiser’s control, then there would be a complete refund.

Notes on Finds

Finds over 300 years old and over £500 in value and items subject to the Treasure Act 1996 are to be divided 50/50 with the landowner.

To build and retain a good relationship with the land owner PLEASE show all finds. There will be a finds cabinet to display finds in at the rally marquee. Share the unearthed fascinating history of your finds as nobody is going to take them away from you (obviously unless subject to the Treasure
Act 1996).
This can only earn acceptance for our return trips and encourages the rest of us to try harder.
The local FLO will be invited. Along with our own in house specialists.

The land owner respectfully requests the following:
1. Strictly no dogs,due to game rearing and wild bird habitat, also the estate is in Higher Level Stewardship so there for all field boundaries as indicated by the rally organise are to be strictly adhered to.
2. No entry into woodlands.
3. All holes to be filled in.
4. Entry to the specified fields indicated by the rally organiser via proper entry routes, not through hedgerows please.
5. No telephone calls to the landowner requesting return detecting.
6. All rubbish to be put in bins/bags/skip provided.
7. Barbecues, only those that are above ground level and those that are higher enough off the ground so as not to scorch the grass. STRICTLY NO CAMP FIRES
8. Please be aware that this land is also shared with other people by the way of public foot paths, so please be courteous and polite.

General Note – In the event of a hoard, or important find coming up, the following actions are to take place.
The finder is requested to stop digging and inform the rally organiser (Kim Clarke Mobile 07504697077) who will cordon off the area and along with the FLO, decide on the necessary course of action.
This course of action is to acknowledge the identity of the finder and to preserve the historical record.
It is your responsibility to abide by the provisions of the Treasure Act 1996 and Treasure Act Code of Practice (

Please note the following: Once you have made your donation to take part in this event you have accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions as laid down and described in this document.
Failing to comply with any of the terms and conditions for this event may result in early termination of your weekend.

Friday and Saturday evening light Entertainment.
I am sorry to say, due to lack of interest for entertainment in previous years, I have decided not to lay on any entertainment for this event, and this will in turn allow more funds to be passed onto the charity.
There is a local Pub no more than a ten minute walk from the camp site called The Shepherd.

Trade Stands
Trade stands will be in attendance.

This will be covered by your NCMD/FID membership.
Organiser Kim Clarke ​e-mail [email protected] Mobile 07504697077

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