Any club near Malvern

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Any club near Malvern

Post by Ringpullstiltskin »

Anyone out there detecting near me?

I never see anyone else 'tecting round here and wouldn't mind getting involved with a club but not too keen on travelling very far.

If no club, I wouldn't mind the odd day on someone else's permission for a return day on mine. I've got plenty but would be fun for an occasional change.



(just in case you are wondering; male, 44, married, 2 kids, and you can guess the job, not that I'm suggesting anyone not of this description is dodgy!!! =)) =)) )


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Re: Any club near Malvern

Post by djdave »

hello there, dave here just starting out detecting from malvern and notice there is not allot of places to go .ive tried asking local council.s but all say sorry bye laws .

ive got land in Devon but its just to far to go each time .

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