Hello MDF members

This is not compulsory but if you would like to tell us a little about yourself then post here.
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Mark Presland
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Hello MDF members

Post by Mark Presland »

Very pleased to join your ranks as a new member. Currently looking for another detector and finding the forum very helpful. Based in Kent I've been digging things up since 1974 after receiving a detector for my twelfth birthday. Have dipped in and out of the hobby ever since and have recently become even more addicted after a couple of chance finds, much to my wife's frustration. I've enjoyed some comical moments along the way e.g. as a boy cycling home with a WWII grenade in one hand whilst balancing my early C-Scope across the handlebars - more excited about the George III Guinea found nearby the discarded ordnance than the obvious dangers to life and limb. I'm sure I'm not then only one that finds this hobby totally absorbing. Thanks for allowing me in.

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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by sweepstick47 »

Hello Mark, Welcome aboard the forums ::g It's always a pleasure to to welcome returnees to the hobby. We'll take it as read that you have since disposed of the Mills 36 grenade in a safe and responsible manner - (if not please do so without further delay) :))

In case you haven't yet spotted it, in the forums over there l;/ under the heading Metal Detectors, you'll find all the popular detector makes and models listed together with user reviews, advice and opinions which may prove useful in your purchasing deliberations.

Good Luck and enjoy your time with us on the MDF ::g Regards ss47
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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by FUBAR »

Hi and welcome to this great forum. Good luck and happy hunting. All the best from East Riding.

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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Kritika »

Hi and welcome Mark 98;
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Mark Presland
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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Mark Presland »

Thanks for your kind welcome.

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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Oxgirl36 »

A warm welcome Mark :D
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Timmy 64
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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Timmy 64 »

Hi from sunny Cornwall 👍

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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Saffron »

I never normally respond to these "Introductory" posts as sadly you never know if the person is going to still be on the forum in a couple of weeks time, (as we all know the papers and magazines make it look like "treasure" is just waiting for us to walk out there and dig it up while even getting a permission can be hard work then 95% of finds are junk).

So congratulations Mark, on getting me to respond!. Whats different about your post?. Well obviously the comment about "cycling home with a WWII grenade" ... well that is one heck of a way to start your detecting career x; Yet 45 years on you are still decting ::g

Hopefully this time you will stick with the hobby.

Commiserations to your poor "frustrated" wife :D


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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by mitch »

Another warm welcome from Cornwall, hope you find the forum as informative and useful as I do.
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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by Bradrick »

Welcome back Mark. I was in a similar situation to yourself a couple of years ago (life just gets in the way over the years), but you are in the right place to get your juices flowing again! ::g

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Re: Hello MDF members

Post by dig-dog »

Hello and welcome from sunny Kent :))
All the best and happy digging
DD ::g
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