First permission !

Useful information for anyone New to the hobby of metal detecting and just starting out.
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First permission !

Post by Davidthomas »

Just got my first permission ::g . Did a good deal with a local farmer , I pay to have his fishing club trophies to be engraved and he lets me have 11 acres to detect on . Probably going to cost 18 quid he reckoned. It’s farm land (pasture) on an old 17th century estate that was used as a prisoner of war camp in WW2 and must have previous history. Question how long will it take to detect 11 acres ?

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Re: First permission !

Post by andy1973 »

Congrats :) .... forever :) a field is never fully done ;)
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Re: First permission !

Post by sweepstick47 »

Hello Davidthomas, Obtaining permission to detect is always good news and finding your first is that bit extra special. I hope you enjoy searching of your 11 acres and it proves to be a site with some interesting finds. Too many factors to suggest a timescale ::g, but I'd recommend a half day searching randomly to see if any productive areas show themselves, then adopt searching the field in sections which you can readily identify in order to allow you to continue from where you left off.

Hoping to see some of your interesting finds in due course (don't keep us waiting too long) 8-| Regards ss47
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Re: First permission !

Post by Bradrick »

Congrats and good luck ::g Always nice to hear.
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