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Useful information for anyone New to the hobby of metal detecting and just starting out.
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Forum Etiquette

Post by MDFAdmin » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:45 am

When asking for your first ID of one of your finds, please note you must follow our own
HAMMY code
There are also many guides to taking photos, editing and cropping photos, resizing photos and uploading to our forum Photo Guides.

It is considered as shouting and is also considered a bit rude.

Thread hijacking is also considered bad manners and is against our rules. If you want to, say, introduce yourself or have a find you'd like identified, you must start your own thread. Please don't tag your query onto someone else's thread unless it is directly related to their topic.

Our forum has 1000's of pages of information, guides, photos, stories, machine reviews, etc., etc.
Please consider using the search function to see if your question or query has already been discussed or answered. It may even be a recent topic that you can join in on with your opinion.

When writing your post and you are ready to put it live on the forums, just spend a few seconds and press the "Preview" button and see if your post looks ok and all your photos are attached.
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This last one is actually a hard fast rule:
Please no swearing.
Since the forum was formed over 10 years ago, we have had a zero tolerance for swearing, even abbreviated swearing or swearing with * or xx in them.
We are a family forum and we have young folk who like to read the stories, look at the photos of peoples finds. They don't want to read our potty mouths.

If you need assistance with anything on our forums then we have an admin team who all have various skills and subjects they excel in.
To send one of us a private message (PM) then click one of the red or green names below and it will take you to their profile where you can easily message them.

Mrix owner and founder of the MDF
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