Newbie. What should I get?

Useful information for anyone New to the hobby of metal detecting and just starting out.
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Newbie. What should I get?

Post by GraceB2000 »


I’m starting metal detecting as a hobby. I have about £200-£350 to spend.
I am a coin collector which is what has drawn me to the hobby, I would like a metal detected mainly to search for coins, but also any other artifacts.
I live in land, so would need something good on fields. I do go on holiday and would like one that has some capabilities to be used on the beach, however is not essential and I know I’m asking for a lot for a small budget.
I just need some advice on what sort of metal detector to get, somewhere within my price range, and also this is going to sound like a dumb one, but I’m a bit useless with technology, so something with some good guides on how to use it, or which is quite user friendly would be great.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Hi Grace. It’s s common question as I guess it is overwhelming with no real knowledge of what’s important. I still remember being just as confused not that long ago.

This thread has an answer to the same question from another new member with a similar budget. He started thinking £200 but opted for one at around £300 in the end.

Hope it helps :D
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by Danzigman »

Welcome to Forum.. I will try stay out of recomending a specifik model, but wish you Happy hunting.. A second hand detector will always come to a better price.. And you get more quality for the £..

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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by geoff »

Have a look at 'c scopes', I just bought one for my partner, it is light, simple to set up and use, and detects very well, I bought her the c scope cs2mx new for about £200.
These are made in the uk, with unsurpassed backup, mine came from the website sponsor.
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by JunkFinder »

I agree with the above. If it was my money I'd be looking at a cscope 4mxi

They can seem basic when compared to other options from garrett, nokta, makro etc but it will teach you how to use a detector properly (listening to sounds) rather than just reading off numbers. The performance however is anything but basic! They are high frequency machines and perform alot like a deus in fast mode (which everyone uses). On top of good inland performance you get bomb proof build quality and after sales service second to none.

I had the 6xmi for a few years and found loads of good stuff including small hammies. The only drawbacks is that its a bit heavy and doesn't perform as well at the beach in wet sand.
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by Wardie94 »

Or maybe look at a simplex I’ve heard good thing about them
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by Bors »

Metal detecting is similar in many other hobbies or sports even , where the cheaper you buy the less Spec you buy and nearly most of the time the less Spec you get the less ability you get as a Newcomer to the Hobby.
Metal detectors can go ,one of a few ways. You can buy a dedicated Inland machine, a dedicated Beach machine ,and you can buy a Detector that is pretty good at doing both ,but, they are few and far between and can cost a great deal of money for a High Spec good duel type one.
You can also buy a lower spec one which will do Surf & Turf but ,they tend to be just "OK" at both but not excellent. so OK to start with but expect to have to upgrade eventually due to limitation.
So really there`s your options. As a Newbie to detecting you have my sympathy because unless your 100% decided as to what type of detector your going to go for it is a very hard decision which avenue to go down. But thats what you have to do.
So I think before you start making an attempt to pick a detector, you really should decide which avenue you want to go down based upon what type of detecting you`ll probably do most of. Once you`ve decided that for absolute surety ,then you can lessen your choices of type of detector down and your next decision will be to choose your MAX budget that "your able to afford " first , and then the brand /type second.
It really needs to be done in stages rather than by recommendation first, because 50 people could have a legitimately good reason to recommend one in particular detector but it , for whatever reason might not be suitable for you no matter how good it was to them and at the end of the day its YOUR Cash that's doing the buying ,not theirs.
So ,I would go through the stages first then read up as much info on metal detectors you can ,say by Metal detecting magazines in book shops such as WH Smiths ,or on the Internet as there's plenty of info on the net. Just choose a Brand,or Model type you think is suitable in cost ,and put the brand or type in the Browser and put " reviews " after it . Once thats done you can even do a short list, and do a process of elimination based on all your likes and info you have gathered.
If you rush the first stages, it could cost you money & a future in the Hobby.
Good luck!
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by detecting rod »

the forum has a training day in a few weeks time ,if close enough to that going might be a good option ,one you will get huge amounts of help with starting out ,two im sure alot of mentioned detectors will be there ,having a feel of a unit and seeing it first hand ,speaking with the owners of them ,all these might give a better idea

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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by shaggybfc »

My tuppence worth. Like Bors as said above u;@
As you're a coin collector, I expect that you'll be more interested in earlier coinage, hammered silver etc. I think you'll have better success finding these inland than on the beach.
You say you holiday a bit, so the exception is beach detecting? You'll find plenty of trash on the beach, and if you're lucky, some modern coinage or jewellery. Treat the beach detecting as a bit of fun to keep you out of the bars - stick to the drier sand.
This helps to limit your choice.
You also said your budget is £200 - £350. that's a big spread - what is it? If you're really saying "I have a budget of £350 to spend on a machine", then this means you could afford a Garret Ace 400i (Circa £350)- great machine (older technology), and fairly simplistic to use. Or a Nokta Simplex, similar price, but a newer type machine.( I can't comment on the ease of use, never tried one)
If you're saying you have a total of £350 to spend on a set up, then, say, wellies, spade, finds bag, trowel and a cheapish pin-pointer, this reduces your machine spend to approximately £250. Still a bit of choice, but limited.
If you consider a second user machine, then you can get a bit more for your money. If detecting isn't for you, then machines don't tend to depreciate vast amounts of cash, it's not like buying a new car.
Have a look at the MDF shop and keep and eye on this forum section. viewforum.php?f=116
I'm not sure if this helps or not, but good luck ::g
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by PinkFloyd »

The vanquish is due to be released, I’d hold on for a few weeks .

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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by jcmaloney »

Permission for somewhere to go otherwise its an expensive door prop.

Somebody will be along shortly and say "Join a faceache cash club"....... £15 every day out, plus travel, snap etc makes it a rather pricey hobby very quickly.
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Re: Newbie. What should I get?

Post by PinkFloyd »

Yeah I can be, but in my what ? It’s only money that will get blown on boring mundane household rubbish that you don’t really need and certainly won’t get much if any enjoyment out of ,
Is there a price on enjoyment ? ...not for me ,
Get it blown and enjoy yourself ::g

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