Golden Mask 4WD pro OR 4pro

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Golden Mask 4WD pro OR 4pro

Post by GatsbysUK »

I'm going to pick up a new detector tomorrow and have a choice of 2
1. Golden Mask 4 pro or
2. Golden Mask 4 pro WD
Any recommendations please as to which one, Also is the 9" spider coil any good ?
In fact any advice at all to do with these 2 would be appreciated
Many thanks

nexus john
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Re: Golden Mask 4WD pro OR 4pro

Post by nexus john »

The 4wd pro is the one you want a far better machine.

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Re: Golden Mask 4WD pro OR 4pro

Post by sweepstick47 »

nexus john wrote:
Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:04 pm
The 4wd pro is the one you want a far better machine.
Hi nexus john, Thanks for your reply but I'm sure GatsbysUK would appreciate a little more information, just to add some meat to the bones so to speak. e.g. Perhaps your reasons for considering it being the better of the two models would be most helpful. ::g Regards ss47
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Re: Golden Mask 4WD pro OR 4pro

Post by Bors »

Ok I know your asking about the 4 series,but If I had to buy a Golden Mask detector The Gold Mask 5+ platinum would be my choice . Obviously the price has to be taken into account, but when your buying a detector such as Golden Mask they make so many different types that before you know it your brand new detector is about two or three styles down the list AND then ,if your buying such as the 4 series one, the crunch comes when you come to sell, because the latest one is about 3 releases in front of yours depreciating your detector immensely . I think I`m right in saying their latest offering is up to a Gold Mask 6 now , So It might be thoughtful to take the pending resale value into account when buying a from New,the "older style", in so much as thinking ahead when you may want to sell it.
The Gold Mask are reasonably popular, but !! sadly don`t seem to keep a good resale value . And unless you buy from a UK retailer I`m lead to believe getting in touch with them can be impossible and their after sales customer service is lets say "wanting".
So these points "might " be worth taking on board also .
The coil question.....

Double D are more favorable in the UK . Rather than write a big explanation I`m enclosing a url below explaining. ... ric-coils/
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