What detector Golden Mask ?

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Dave Lowe
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What detector Golden Mask ?

Post by Dave Lowe »

I need help please ! Don't know a lot about metal detecting, I have a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV and need a new cheapish better detector, I was looking at the Garrett range, 250 upwards, but now quite fancy the golden mask, been looking at all the videos on youtube, I live in north Kent so wont have trouble with coke I don't think, I have been looking at the GM UK 1+ but rather fancy the GM one as I like the display, opposed to no display on the 1+, but what size coil do I get and what kHz do I need ?

hoping for replies

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Re: What detector Golden Mask ?

Post by Fusion »

While detector operating frequency isn't super-critical, it helps if you choose a frequency that roughly 'matches' the targets you're searching for. Concensus says that 12kHz - 18 kHz is the range to go for, as many of the interesting/desireable items tend to be small/thin/corroded etc. Such detector freqs will still find lower freq targets OK, as they tend to be larger, eg. milled copper/bronze/silver coins.

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Re: What detector Golden Mask ?

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A smaller coil is better amongst heavy iron contamination and a large coil covers more ground and maybe a bit more depth. 11" coils are usually good allrounders. ::g
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