If you're going to have a go, please read this first

Past ID Challenges can be found in this forum.
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If you're going to have a go, please read this first

Post by thefiggis » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:08 pm

What ho, tout le monde.

This is where past ID Challenges are shelved for your perusal. The topic titles don't give the game away and if you'd like to test your skills then feel free - just bear in mind that answers have been submitted on these topics and if you want to avoid the possible IDs others have made then don't scroll beyond the Opening Post.

Please note that Challenges stored here have closed and are only here for you to have a go at yourself in your own time so please don't try to submit an answer. All ID Challenge submission forms go to one place before being merged with the challenge thread running at the time so if you submit an answer from an archived challenge when another challenge is running then you might end up looking a bit of a plank if your ID of "Edward III penny" appears on a challenge involving a harness pendant (something that pretty much sums up my own ID skills, as it happens).

Have fun.

Pip pip ::g

Essential equipment:
Some sort of electrical gubbins(I'm told it's a Deus). In various colours


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