Supertune a Laser Trident 2

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Supertune a Laser Trident 2

Post by barnabythebear » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:07 pm


I'm about to push the button on a new Trident 2 and I just wanted to check wether they can be supertuned like its Tesoro sibling the Vaquero? Also, the Vaquero's depth can be improved by running a slightly negative ground balance, it would be nice if the Trident had this ability too?

Thank you,


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Re: Supertune a Laser Trident 2

Post by Koala » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:58 am

Yes you can turn the threshold up.

Great detector.

In the field supertuning does not give you more depth like is shows on YouTube which are on shot on loud speaker. It will make deep signals sound louder. But you will loose the ability to tell how deep target are and the ability to use all metal mode. If you are using headphones as you should be you will hear the faint targets anyway.

Best to leave it normal or up just a bit and use headphones. This way you can still use all metal mode

Turning the sensitivity right up is fine air testing on the bench. In the field it will be giving false signals on every piece of coke.

Now ground balance. Get this wrong and you will loose sensitivity to big silver. If you move it back about 1/4 turn from being balanced in all metal mode will give you an extra inch or more in the field. Each detector is slightly different. Ground balance your machine then bury a large silver coin till its barely audible. Place a book or pank on the ground to lift the coil. Then turn the ground balance anti clockwise for the loudest sound. Note how much you've turned it then back the use that as your guide.

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Re: Supertune a Laser Trident 2

Post by Mega B » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:52 am

I use a Laser Trident11 Extreme but must admit the supertuning method does not turn me on either,its a US thing and sounds super sexy does it not :)) mine came with the the 11x8'' WS coil and although its a feather weight machine with that coil on,i just could not get on with that coil,so the machine although was brand new sat in a corner gathering dust.

But i use mine with the NEL Snake coil on all the time,great for really trashy sites and also for stubble busting,so the machine is getting far more use just by changing the coil for a smaller one.

Would i use a Trident11 as a everyday machine ?? my answer would be 'maybe' if i just had say one detector,but of course its personal choice,i dont think i would go out of my way and buy one for everyday use,i feel that other machines are far more capable,they are reliable and do work but nothing what i would say outstanding,how many detectorist do you see using one of these machines ?? very few,but you do see many other brands being used.Of course this is just my personal opinion from using one one of thee machines and observations.
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Re: Supertune a Laser Trident 2

Post by GC-1023 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:04 am

hi nige
i too had a trident 2 extreme
i didnt give it a real chance selling it again because it was 3" depth behind my sorex .
Looking back i was foolish ,given my video testing of both machines on nails and coins proved the trident better than any of my several machines at time .
it was very good on coin below nails with conc ,and still pretty good with DD fitted .
great machine to add to a arsenal.
best regards nigel
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Re: Supertune a Laser Trident 2

Post by barnabythebear » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:12 pm


Thanks for the input guys - all very useful. Quite exited about getting hold of the Trident and hopefully give it a first run next weekend. Looking to add some wireless headphone too. Has anyone used these off of ebay? Unbranded versions of the Cscope ones I think? ... SwnbZYI4V-" onclick=";return false;



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