A way to make Ground Balancing easier?

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muddy fingers
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A way to make Ground Balancing easier?

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Reading about some other makes made me wonder if it is a general thing that Ground Balancing is difficult on 8kHz Bulgarian detectors. Due to their power and capability for depth, exact GB'ing is essential and yet difficult to achieve for two reasons in my opinion.
Firstly, the GB knob is too tiny and the calibration so fine that the very slightest turn in the wrong direction will cause the machine to fail to Ground Balance properly.
Secondly, a lot of people, due to their level of dexterity, can't turn the knob in the fine way it requires.
The old Tesoro machines used to be fitted with a ten turn Ground Balance knob (potentiometer) but I thought that I read that you couldn't get that component nowadays, which is a pity because I was wondering if fitting such a pot onto my out of warranty spare V3 would make GB'ing easier. However, I've been looking on the web and it is still possible to get those pots but ones of the correct resistance cost £28 each! That explains why the Bulgarian manufacturers, and others no doubt, don't fit them as standard. When I get time, I'll fork out and fit one on my spare V3. It will be interesting to see what effect changing the pot has on the G B'ing procedure.

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Re: A way to make Ground Balancing easier?

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Not all 5 or 10-turn pots are expensive, they can be obtained for nearer 10 Pounds. A few examples:
http://uk.farnell.com/vishay-spectrol/5 ... dp/1144786
http://uk.farnell.com/bi-technologies-t ... dp/1520669
http://uk.farnell.com/bourns/3590s-2-10 ... dp/1612611

The multi-turn counting dials are pricey, though.
Send me a PM if you're interested in making the mod, I may be able to sort out suitable parts from 'surplus stock'.

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Re: A way to make Ground Balancing easier?

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Muddy fingers-- I've now had the v6 a yr and I can't pump ground balance it I use a ferrite ring as per the instruction book rightly or wrongly. The blisstool is an acquired taste compared with other detectors. Got mine hoping it would get the extra depth on searched out land. At the minute I don't have the patience for it and reverted back to the dues x; x; x;

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