Ground Balancing.Which is best- Manual or Auto?

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Ground Balancing.Which is best- Manual or Auto?

Post by muddy fingers »

As I said before, a lot of people, particularly new users, report having problems trying to G'B the Blisstool and I think it is a shame that such a situation spoils their first experiences of using this very useful machine.

Maybe the manufacturer should have fitted a ten turn 100k potentiometer like you get on the old Tesoro machines. As it is, the adjustment pot on the Bliss (V3) is ultra sensitive and the merest movement in the wrong direction seems to throw the balance out and things can start getting confusing- hence my original post on the subject. Also having the Threshold too high makes for difficult GB'ing as it is in reality, a sensitivity adjustment.

Recently, the manufacturer was paid a visit by the American distributor and Ahmed told him that manual GB settings of between 3-5 suited good non mineralised ground. Above 5, then the ground was slightly mineralised and between 7-8 the ground was highly mineralised. He also said that wet ground made the mineralisation situation much worse and so it is imperative that Gain (which amplifies the ground as well as targets) is kept very low, at 1 or 2 at the most. Being a foreign manufacturer though, he will be trying to cover situations found in any other parts of the world where his detector is likely to be used. I know a lot of people, including myself, have experienced difficulties using the Bliss in very wet ground and the first thing to do is to lower the Gain and then probably also the Threshold/Sensitivity.

I don't really understand how the auto Ground Balance works on the Bliss but it is very unlikely that it is working in the same way as some top of the range digital machines which have a "pumping" Ground Balance feature and the ability to "Auto Track". I think some manufacturers of cheaper machines like to use words like "Auto" because it gives the impression that the detector is capable of doing more than in reality, it really can.

On the Bliss, there is a three position "Auto" switch. Probably, each position is designed to cope with the three most likely differing ground conditions one would encounter. They are like three sampling points on the Ground Balance scale. I expect one of them is set to balance at ferrite because that will enable the detector, like many other "fixed" ground balance detectors to be used even in quite mineralised ground without any problems. Depth may be lost but the user may be unaware of that fact and just glad that their machine seems nice and quiet and stable. (Ferrite usually G'Bs out at a manual setting of 6.8 (on the V5 at least, which I don't have)
The manufacturer of the Bliss has said recently in a radio interview, though this probably applies to many adjustable detectors, that in manual mode a slightly negative GB achieves better depth but at the cost of a noisier, less stable machine, whereas a slightly positive GB quietens and stabilises the machine, but at the cost of losing some depth.

To sum up, getting the GB spot on, means the Biss will operate to it's full potential. It really excels, in my opinion, at finding good conductive targets like thickish silver coins at really good depths, so on clean undisturbed pasture, for instance, it would be my first choice detector.

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Re: Ground Balancing.Which is best- Manual or Auto?

Post by jimbotrucker »

I totally agree, the auto GB is a setting for a quick start but manual GB is setting the detector up to its best setting for the ground you are on. The Blisstool can be a confusing machine but even in its lowest setting's it will outrun a lot of more expensive detectors. I do not work for Blisstool and I have had a large array of detectors over the last few years, and this is my second Blisstool :-) the company has been a little slow on marketing but is gaining pace.. IE the smaller coil and now a wireless headset but in all fairness they don't have the cash like XP or minelab to throw into development.
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