Stabilisation circuit in the V5

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Stabilisation circuit in the V5

Post by muddy fingers » Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:57 pm

Hi Blisstool users. I've steadfastly stuck with my V3 as it seemed to me that the V5 and V6 didn't seem different enough to warrant me spending out to get either of those versions when I was perfectly happy with the V3. Some of the first people to get a V5 said that the "stabilisation circuit" fitted into it (I would love to know what that actually entailed regarding components) made it an easier detector to use and quieter than the V3. However, whenever I see a video or read recent reports of the use of the V5/V6 I can't see a lot of difference as to how they sound compared to the V3 or how they require setting up. Anybody care to share their experiences and opinions on this and also has anybody tried the new coil yet?

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