Blisstool no more?

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muddy fingers
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Blisstool no more?

Post by muddy fingers »

I get the impression, possibly mistakenly, that Blisstool is no longer trading in detectors. Recent posts on the UK Forum indicated that e-mails sent to the owner of the firm in Bulgaria were not being replied to and now the UK forum itself has disappeared from the Internet. Also, I think that the American forum has not been active for some time. The Blisstool was a notoriously difficult machine to set up and use which was a great pity since it had the potential to perform well and achieve outstanding depth. I know in the couple of years when I used this machine exclusively, that I found many hammered coins of all sizes and at a wide range of depths. Many users urged the manufacturer to modify the detector in a couple of ways to make it easier to set up and use but these long awaited and hoped for modifications were never forthcoming. Eventually, especially as gradually there came to be so much else to choose from, it seemed that many people lost patience with the peculiarities of the Blisstool and changed to something else that was easier to use and where there was a better customer service if something went wrong. There used to be a very obliging UK dealer in the early years but he was never replaced when he had to give up due to health issues. As I say, I may be mistaken in thinking that the Blisstool era is at an end here in the UK. It would be interesting to know for certain whether this is the case or whether we just have to await for events to speak for themselves.

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Re: Blisstool no more?

Post by Koala »

no idea if they are still operating in the UK

Did run across someone in a club that ran the beast.

Did appear to spend more time twiddling the knobs and ground balancing than detecting.

pushing a machine to the upmost depth isn't always the best way to be productive. I am sure if they throttled the machine back slightly they would have found more.

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Re: Blisstool no more?

Post by Blackadder43 »

That is a shame if that is the case
I always fancied a go with one of those, i love the twiddling aspect on a machine.
Might look out for one, but i suppose they will be kept now if no more in production :-/
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