Very Sad News

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Very Sad News

Post by mrix »

Hello all, I was recently contacted by a friend of our member THE MOLE aka Neil explaining he had contracted a incurable disease :-O :(
Since that contact I was honestly hoping for a miracle but on Friday night he passed away :(

Over the past couple of years life had not been so good for Neil and he had been a little down on his luck, over recent months things had perked up for him and he had been sending me pm`s and even a phone call about a test bed he had created for the release of the New Simplex machine, it was really nice to hear he was in high spirits and to hear his enthusiasm over the phone, he even sent some picks of the test bed he had been working on and created over the months, It really was something special ,I called it the Rolls Royce of test beds.

I thought it was strange after the release of the simplex I had not heard anything from Neil :(

So very shocked and saddened to hear this News, Neil was a great character to have around the MDF and will be hugely missed by many here.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Blackadder43 »

Sad news indeed :(
Was always pleasant and helpfull to others here.
RIP fella
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Doyoudigitman »

Very sad to hear R.I.P

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Neil helped a lot of people. Personally, I really liked him and have always considered him one of core members of the MDF.

Very, very sad to hear the news :(
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Bargeman »

Sad indeed, my condolences to his friends and family

BM :(
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Me and my boy »

Really sad news. Sorry to hear.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by cantona1 »

I didn't know Neil but I hope his family and friends can remember all the good times.RIP.


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Re: Very Sad News

Post by liamnolan »

The news I did not want to hear :( I had the pleasure of meeting Neil a while back and we shared a few natters about detecting. He could not do enough for other people. RIP Neil, Liam OooO
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by alloverover »

That's a shame indeed. Ive just searched through some of the posts we exchanged words on, very sad, My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by PinkFloyd »

Very sad news , thoughts are with his family and friends
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by coal digger »

Sad to hear the bad news,He was a nice chap who helped me out no end via pm's,when i bought my Racer.Edd.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by thefiggis »

A lovely bloke who, even in the hard times, maintained his dignity and humour.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Bors »

Poor Man . Very sad news.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by GeoffBristol »

Sorry to here such sad news.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by TheAndyA »

My thoughts go out to Neil's family. Very sad news.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Rah7265 »

Even very recently I was sharing banter with Neil, I had the pleasure of detecting with him on several occasions, always upbeat all round good egg and yes his test bed is probably the nicest test bed ever built in the history of detecting.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Bradrick »

That really is sad news. Neil was one of the first people I chatted to on here and a genuinely all-round nice guy.

My deepest condolences to his family.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by sweepstick47 »

This is very sad news indeed. Neil has always been a gentleman and a huge asset to our forum and it comes as no surprise, that he is so highly regarded.

My sincere condolences are offered to his family and his many friends at this very sad time. RIP
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by JBM »

Iam also sorry to hear this sad news. :( Jerry.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Allectus »

Terrible news. Very sad indeed.

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Saki »

R.I.P. Neil. Very sad news
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Cantiaci »

So sad.. RIP Neil
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by geoff »

I read this with great sadness, R.I.P.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Digiffys »

Ah thats sad news,rest in peace mate xx
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Koala »

very sad indeed, condolences to his friends and family

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Re: Very Sad News

Post by shaggybfc »

My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by mrcheeky »

So Sorry for your loss deepest sympathy ...
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by Resurgam »

Sorry to hear of Neil's passing; may all our thoughts be with those that he has left behind.
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by NoxHunter »

RIP and we all will see ya on the over side ::g
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Re: Very Sad News

Post by lordofthecoils »

Dito Ratters sentiment , if there is a detecting heaven I hope he is there , so so sad , RIP bud .

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