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MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by mrix » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:01 pm

Hello all, over the past months years I have been asked to place something a little more prominent to Show we do have a MDFShop, for many its not really been clear where to go, I certainly agree its never really been promoted enough here on the MDF Forum.

As you can see a New banner has now been placed and will likely change in design over time.
We have always been very careful not to over advertise at the MDF and that`s why we have only allowed a maximum of 4 sponsor banners down the left blue menu.

This New banner only appears on the front page so it should not be of any annoyance and ruin the experience for our members here ::g

If you have any issues with it not displaying correctly on your device please let me know ::g


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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by Blackadder43 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:06 pm

Its taken me 3 years to get to this stage....please everyone pat mrix on the back for me.....
Man i can sleep now, i'm tired =)) =))
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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by thefiggis » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:04 pm

Excellent, and not before time ::g

Our founder's natural unwillingness to be 'in your face' has made this forum what it is - basically metal detecting first and foremost with a little bit of advertising to help with the funding. He's never pushed the MDF shop and well done BA for persuading him that no, really, that's ok. More than ok, in fact.

I really hope the new, typically understated, banner works its wonders.
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Luke Grey
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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by Luke Grey » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:06 pm


That’s excellent. So much easier now.

I’ll go browse, have a beer and buy something ::g

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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by sweepstick47 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:10 pm

I also like it very much, it's exactly what is needed. Feather in the cap mrix ::g
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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by Slapster » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:28 pm

Nice, unobtrusive and useful - no issues that I can see.
Well done.
Regards from The Slapster, Cornwall, UK

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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by fred » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:59 am

Great, I've always struggled to find the shop. :D
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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by Steve_T » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:14 am

Wow, looks really good, even better on a mobile device, can't miss it now

Great effort and appreciate the effort behind the scenes

Regards Steve
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Tony Hunt
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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by Tony Hunt » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:38 am

As one of the long time shop Owners on the MDF shop I am fully with Black Adders views. I have plagued the life out of Mike, MRix for ages to make the shop and Auction part easier to find. He has always been a little reluctant but has finally seen its going to help him run the whole forum better.

We input a huge portion of our shop stock we hold at Detectorbits but have never really had the support from the thousands of MDF members that you would expect from such coverage. Yes over the years we have been members we have made many hundreds of sales which we are grateful for. With this extra exposure right on the front of the MDF hopefully things will change for everybody. The more we sell the more the commision will help MRix run the whole site. I know from helping to start and run the forum for many many years what it costs to run these web forums, server costs etc.
Our prices on our MDF shop are exactly the same as we charge on our own website. The extra commision that I pay to MRix out of each sale is well worth it to us because of all the help Mike gives us with videoing our products not to mention the many times he helps us with IT problems out of hours. Auction sites like EBAY and AMAZON are a necessity in our business but wherever possible we recoup their high commision costs to us by making items dearer on their sites, we dealers have to otherwise whats the point.
I can guarantee that Detectorbits prices on the MDF shop and Auction site will always be our cheapest so please support us and help Mike Rix to keep this forum best on the Internet. H.H

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Re: MDFShop Banner Now in Place

Post by samuraitrev » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:01 pm

Looks great ::g Just heading there for a look :)
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