WELCOME NEW Sponsors for 2018 - Garrett, Quest, Cscope and RUTUS

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WELCOME NEW Sponsors for 2018 - Garrett, Quest, Cscope and RUTUS

Post by mrix » Mon May 14, 2018 9:50 pm

Hello all, for anyone that is not already aware running a busy forum like the MDF can be quite expensive, having so many hits from members and countless visitors across the world can bring many websites to a grinding halt or slow down. We compensate for that by running the MDF from its very own hired dedicated server ::g B-)

Unfortunately fairly high spec web servers dont come cheap so in order to help pay for it we always have a maximum of 4 main sponsor advertising banners down the left blue menu.
This has always been capped at four, reason being to stop the MDF getting covered in advertising, to help the pages load faster and simply this is all we require to pay for the server costs ::g

The reason for changing the sponsors this year is because the MDF comprises of 16 Brand dedicated sub forums and it did not seem fair to keep having the same 4 brands being advertised every year, in some cases a fair few members thought we were biased towards these specific brands which I can assure you was certainly not the case.

I would just like to say a huge thanks to XP, Minelab, Nokta/Makro and the dealer Crawfords who supported the MDF for a good few years, We could expect to see these companies back as sponsors in the years to come ::g

And to finally to welcome the New Sponsors on-board for 2018, Garrett, Cscope, Quest and RUTUS ::g B-)

Thanks all

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Re: WELCOME NEW Sponsors for 2018 - Garrett, Quest, Cscope and RUTUS

Post by chip » Mon May 14, 2018 10:04 pm

Thanks to all the sponsors past and present for keeping the forum going and thanks to you for not using the forum as a cash cow to generate excessive sponsorship.

Another forum I have used in the past (non detecting) bombarded you with advertising to the point of the forum being unusable. And if you complained said you could pay to lose the constantly changing advertising stream taking up more of your screen than the forum.

Good to see a well run forum run well for the members.
Keep up the good work. ::g
Garrett AT Max
XP Deus
Cscope Cs4pi

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