Happy Birthday JBM

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Happy Birthday JBM

Post by Blackadder43 »

There are a lot of Birthdays today which i will put up in the general forum
But 1 Birthday today deserves a special mention

Its Mr JBM

Today is his 85th birthday!!
Well done Jerry, hope they spoil you rotten and they let you out on the fields for some digging
Happy Birthday from the MDF Sir
-=+:-P -=+:-P -=+:-P -=+:-P -=+:-P -=+:-P

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detecting rod
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by detecting rod »

have a great day JBM

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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by sweepstick47 »

Many Happy Returns Jerry -=+:-P Here's to you on this very special day - Congratulations! Cheers ::g
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by thefiggis »

Have a great day, that man ::g
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by Bradrick »

Happy birthday Jerry 🎂
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Have a good birthday Jerry ::g
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Dave The Slave
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by Dave The Slave »

Happy Birthday, Jerry. -=+:-P
Hope you dig up a special present, next time you go detecting.
All the best, ::g
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by littleboot »

Happy birthday Jerry! Brilliantly advertising the health benefits of the hobby! %&*= %&*=
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by liamnolan »

I echo all the good wishes, an inspiration to us all ::g ::g Liam :;@
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by shaggybfc »

I’ve met Jerry, he doesn’t look a day over 80 🤣🤣
Happy birthday young man.
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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by ossie »

All the best on your birthday Jerry.

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Re: Happy Birthday JBM

Post by PinkFloyd »

Happy birthday Jerry

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