just got 4mxi

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just got 4mxi

Post by wick » Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:03 pm

hi there

I've been detecting for about 8 months now using a Ace 250, which recently I go the ultimate coil for and its been great, it just hoovers up things and I love it. I have been feeling a bit of a fraud however, the machines doing the work really and I wanted a machine that would make me work a bit harder but also give me a few more options which the Ace lacks like ground balance.

my plan is to keep the Ace as a fast 'hammer the ground' and see what its like machine, and if the site has potential I like the idea of a slower approach to find the stuff the Ace misses as the Cscope should be a more refined tool!

I've just picked up a 2nd hand (but like new) 4mxi as after watching addicted to bleeps videos, it looked like the answer. I had a quick run out with it last night and its a much different experience, found nothing apart from rubbish!

I've had a quick search over the forums to look for tips in using it and it seems quite straight forward, the best seems to be run at all metal on 1 and 2nd discrim at 5, if it stops raining today I'll try and get out and have a play, but does anyone else have any golden tips for using this machine? I hate wearing headphones but it appears I might have to get some for this, the Ace just bangs out tones but from what I read this is more subtle.

I know it takes time to learn a machine, but going from my previous experience, this is quite scary!


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Re: just got 4mxi

Post by rab the ranter » Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:59 pm

Headphones are a must mate, especially for a tone only machine, you will
Hear so much more that you would miss by not using phones. Good luck
With the new cscope, great detectors.

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Re: just got 4mxi

Post by shamenlong » Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:21 am

Well firstly i must agree its a great machine but a very steep learning curve to which im still on
when i use my machine i have it set up as follows ground :auto disc1: 1 disc2: 7 sensitivity: just so the tone is under the threshold around 6-7 . this setting also works well on dry sand on land i found it does pick up the larger peices of junk but also find coins very nicely

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