CS4MX - No good for the Beach ?

All discussion specific to the Cscope CS4MXI Metal Detector.
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CS4MX - No good for the Beach ?

Post by steunited » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:58 pm

got my c4mxi yesterday and decided to go on the solway coast with my 2 children.
i know its not a beach detector but thought i would try anyway and found it very frustrating.
it didn't help the fact that its not really sand but more like thick mud that you sank into.
and then to cap it off my 4 year old fell over and got covered in the stuff so we called it a day.
oh well will have to wait until i get let loose on some fields.
if anyone has the same machine and had more luck on the beach than me maybe you can recomend some settings.

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Re: c4mxi no good for the beach?

Post by mrix » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:02 pm

Its going to be very hard to get it to stabilise on wet salty mud unless you decide to drop the sensitivity but then you will start to lose depth, there maybe a happy medium there.
Best of luck

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Re: CS4MX - No good for the Beach ?

Post by shamenlong » Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:41 pm

i have just ordered my cs4mx i asked some advice from bleeps and this is his response.
"Personally, I wouldn't recommend it (nor the 6MX) on wet sand. It CAN detect perfectly well, but the problem is that the salt content in the wet sand drives it crazy, do you get a lot of noise and interference.

I'm guessing you can get rid of a lot of it by adjusting the settings, but at the cost of losing depth perhaps.

It'll be fine on the dry sand, as it's only the wet that causes the problems.

If you want a good beach machine, I'd recommend the CS4PI :)"
so personally i choose the 4mx because i want to do land as well as beach and mainly work dry sand anyway as my first machine always had a melt down on salty wet sand

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Re: CS4MX - No good for the Beach ?

Post by shamenlong » Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:51 am

hi guys an update to the 4mxi no good for the beach
my machine turned up and over the last four days i have tried the 4mxi on the beach on all kinds of sand conditions
DRY SAND : i found all metal mode and dig the high crisp tones
i found that square pull tabs give a scratchy double tone the depth on dry sand is between 9 and 12 inchs down
DAMP SAND : this was tricky i am probably missing a lot of finds THE SOUND WAS fluctuating HIGH tone blips and i was only digging the solid tones
DISC 1 : 1, DISC 2: 7/8 GROUND: AUTO, Sensitivity: 6/7
MUD/BLACK SAND: the jury is still out it will detect but the constant fluctuating tone will drive you bonkers probably more effort than its worth but we will see early days yet,
so in total my finds over the four days
fri £3 conditions dry sand /mud
sat 0.46 conditions mud/damp sand
sun £3 and a dog tag (doggy type) conditions damp sand
mon £3.04 a phone battery conditions dry/damp sand
so no its not impossible to use on the beach but it has limitations i am still learning myself about the machine but i hope this helps in some way

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