First time out with the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

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First time out with the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Post by brianc » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:51 pm

I have been visiting the MDF Forum most days over the last three years while waiting for my first permission to be granted and the day finally arrived!

I have a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV so I guess that I am not even on the periphery of cutting edge technology but just to get the official OK from the landowner charged my batteries up no end.

The land is arable and runs close to a Roman road and an adjacent field has produced Roman artefacts, coins and even a World War II aircraft that sadly went to ground.

My piece of land has not been detected on as far as I know so today I ventured as a complete novice with eyes wide open and with a brand new spade - a Roughneck Micro Shovel - and a high degree of optimism.

The first few signals rang out loud and clear so I dug everything as the Tracker IV was in all metal mode and I was also in 'go for it all mode'.

The items found were all rusty bits of metal, mostly screws and bolts and a bit of a horse shoe.

Everything went into my hipster bag, which is really a clothes peg bag with a screw connector on it, a bit like you get on aluminium flasks if you know what I mean and it fits onto my belt just fine. It's black by the way so I am not walking around in a field with a flowery appendage just in case you were wondering.

I soon realised that the nearby metal barn amplified my beeps as I was not using headphones, so I was anticipating a gold ring every time as I have read about ear splitting signals on the Forum.

I also found out later that the chap shooting at pigeons right over my head turned out to be an automated bird scarer.

So, a happy day for me due to it being my first ever outing with the Tracker IV and although I have not yet discovered anything of consequence I had a fantastic afternoon.

My spade is a joy to use and at £9.99 from Wickes it is a lightweight and very sturdy bargain.

I practised with the Bounty Hunter discrimination settings and it appears to be true to it's word.

I scanned in all metal mode and then used the discrimination at various levels on a target and it did feedback accurately. I dug everything in order to get familiarised and after two hours I knew exactly what my Tracker IV was telling me.

Plus, I was very surprised by the depth that the detector picked up on. I was digging really small iron stuff at around twelve inches. I guess that the high moisture content is attributable to this.

My settings today on the Tracker IV were sensitivity to 5 o'clock in all metal mode for the initial scan and I did not get false readings unless I bumped the coil. Then I used discrimination from 9 o'clock and then up to 12 o'clock when toggled to Tone mode once a target was found.

All rusty iron was reasonably cancelled out and if I switched to the Full Disc mode then I heard nothing.

For the price, this is a surprisingly worthy piece of kit and I would recommend it as a starter detector.

I bought a set of rechargeable 9v batteries and they appear to work fine. I have used them for three hours so far and have a back up set ready to go. They cost less than £5 for all four but I already had a charger.

I can't wait to get back out in the field tomorrow as I am certain that I can pick up a worthy target very soon.

Wandering off to the fields with my Makro Racer 2.

Although, I enjoyed the walk with my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV!

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Re: First time out with the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Post by Bargeman » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:07 pm

Sounds like you have the right attitude, and well done on the first permission ::g keep plugging away and the finds will come.

BM [:)

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